You’re about to have a baby and you’re probably wondering what postpartum products you’re going to need. This list will give you all the essentials you need to make the start of your recovery easier.


postpartum products


I’m guessing because you’re reading this post that you’re prepping for your delivery and for your new baby and now you’re starting to think about the postpartum part.

It can be easy to forget about you in the postpartum period and have your focus be on your beautiful new baby so I’m glad you’re taking the time for you to learn how you can make this season of your life better for you.


This post is all about the essential postpartum products you’ll need for your best postpartum recovery.


Postpartum Products


1. Disposable Postpartum Underwear

postpartum products

Having disposable, stretchy, high-waisted underwear will go a long way in making those early postpartum days comfortable. They’re designed to replace sanitary pads and liners so you don’t have to deal with them and the discomfort they bring.

This is an essential you’ll for sure be wanting to pack in your hospital bag.


2. Peri Bottle

postpartum products

After birth a peri bottle can come in handy! It can help you keep the area clean to help prevent infection and reduce the burning sensation while urinating. It’s easy to use and easily accessible.

You’ll be so glad you have one when it comes to those early postpartum days.


3. Sitz Bath Salts

postpartum products

A ‘sitz bath’ is a shallow, warm bath you sit in to help relieve the pain you may have after tearing or trauma to the perineum.

Using the sitz bath salts can help the area heal and feel more comfortable.


4. SRC Shorts

Ab separation is a hot topic in postpartum recovery and everyone wants to know what you can do to manage it.

One of the best ways is to use binding. This can come in many forms like tubi grip, a wrap around binding, belly bands and more.

A popular you might have already heard of is the ‘SRC Recovery Shorts’. These claim to help with ab separation, episiotomy wounds, perineal trauma and c-section wounds.


5. Breast Feeding Friendly Clothes

If you plan to and are able to breast feed you’re going to want clothes that are breast feeding friendly.

I’m sure after months of maternity clothes that were uncomfortable and rotating the same three dresses you’re excited to wear your old clothes again. But not too fast!

You’ll find you’ll end up rotating the same couple breast feeding friendly tops or dresses you have if you don’t stock up. If you end up breast feeding for a long time this is an investment you’ll want to make.


6. Donut Pillow

If you have perineal trauma, haemorrhoids or tail bone pain after your delivery it can make it very uncomfortable to sit. Unfortunately you’ll be do a lot of sitting espcially in the early days when you’re feeding your baby often.

An easy solution to this is a donut pillow which will allow you to sit and take the pressure off the sore areas.

If a donut pillow is too expensive or you’re stuck and need relief ASAP- a rolled up towel shaped into a donut can be just as effective.


7. Perineum Ice Packs

postpartum products

With all these perineum care solutions we have to include ice in this list. Not just any ice though- a perineum ice pack.

You might be thinking “Can’t I just use the ice in my freezer?”. Yes, you 100% can but the shape, ease of use, not having to prep the ice and deal with it melting can make using one of these so very worth it.


This post was all about the essential postpartum products you’ll want to use for your best postpartum recovery.

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