Are you on the hunt for the perfect baby shower gifts for an amazing mum-to-be?

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Baby shower gifts for mum


It can be hard to know what to buy a new mum for her baby shower. You’re probably wondering how much should you spend? What’s something different no one else would get her? What do people usually buy?

We’ve taken the confusion out of what to buy and come up with a list of ideas that she is going to love!

This post is all about baby shower gifts for mum.


Baby Shower Gifts for Mum


How to Pick the Perfect Gift for Mum

  • If there’s a baby gift registry- use it! You’ll know you’ve picked the perfect gift and won’t have to worry about the mum ending up with 10 personalised blankets
  • Consider the parents style- are they into the latest styles like the wood toys and soft neutrals or would they be into themes like ‘Winnie-the-pooh’ branded items (both oh so cute!)
  • Check in what other guests are purchasing especially if there isn’t a gift registry to avoid getting the same thing
  • Buddy up with another guest or guests to splurge on a more expensive (and probably more practical) gift
  • Not sure of the gender? Keep it neutral! Stick to the greys, yellows, creams and beiges


1. Nursing pillow

Let’s start with a practical gift that any breastfeeding mum will appreciate – a nursing pillow! A nursing pillow is so important for new mums to help keep her and baby in the correct position to avoid any aches and pains. As always, we like to keep things cute as well as practical here at Postbump- so we’ve found these two pillows you’ll love.


Linen SocialNursing pillow


Baby Bunting
Nursing pillow


2. Personalised Baby Blanket

Next up, we have a lovely keepsake that any new mum will love – a personalised baby blanket! You can choose from so many different colours, patterns and styles. Add the baby’s name for that extra personal touch.



Baby shower gifts for mum


Namely Co

Bbay shower gifts

3. Baby Bag

Let’s face it – babies need a lot of stuff and gone are the days of small clutches. That’s why a stylish and practical nappy bag is a must-have item for any new mum. Look for a bag with plenty of compartments and pockets to keep everything organised. And don’t forget to choose design that mum will love- with so many out there it can be hard to find the perfect one. These are our top picks at Postbump.


The Iconic

Baby shower gifts for mum



Baby shower gifts for mum

4. Baby Books

Another idea for a baby shower gift for mum is  a collection of baby books. Reading to a baby is not only fun, but it’s also incredibly important for their development and it’s never too early to start reading to them. Choose books that are bright and colorful, interactive, and hard pages (that they will inevitably chew on!). You can even get personalised books with the baby’s name in the story. It’s a classic present and one that all mums love. We love these ones here at Postbump.


Story Book

Baby shower gifts for mum


Baby shower gifts for mum


5. Baby Clothing

You can never have too many cute outfits! There’s a few things you might want to consider before buying baby clothes like climate, time of the year, gender, the style the parents like and what they need. Make sure to size up, it’s always better to have clothing that’s a little too big rather than too small- they’re sure to grow into it soon!

You should also consider where you buy your gift from. It’s great to support local and you can often find the cutest pieces in  local boutique shops that you wouldn’t find in a chain store. We’ve given options for both below!

Shop local

Baby shower gifts for mum

Shop great prices

Baby shower gifts for mum


There are loads of awesome gift ideas for a baby shower that any soon-to-be mum would love. Whether it’s something more practical item like a nursing pillow or cute clothing, there’s something for everyone.

Our best tips are to make sure you check the gift registry, consider the parents style and pick something that’s useful (and fun).

Use these tips and you’ll find the perfect baby shower gift for mum that she’s going to love!


This post is all about baby shower gifts for mum.

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